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Feb 23, 2021

For either consumer use or internal use, deploying new software can feel like a welcome conclusion. Especially when you think of claiming R&D ... Read More

Feb 3, 2021

It’s natural for manufacturers to think of “investing capital” as purchasing new machinery and equipment. But, there’s another investment, ... Read More

Jan 20, 2021

A quick note before we get started: The scope of this ... Read More

Dec 16, 2020

“I decided to go against my CPA’s recommendation and claim the R&D credit.”

At Black Line Group, we’ve been ... Read More

Dec 10, 2020

Closed facilities. Layoffs. The uncertainty of a global pandemic.

So long, 2020! We won’t miss you.

Yes, COVID-19 forced most U.S. ... Read More

Dec 8, 2020

Many manufacturers are surprised to hear how many daily activities qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. In the eyes of the IRS, “research ... Read More

Nov 17, 2020

The manufacturing world (the entire world, really) can’t get much more unpredictable than what we just experienced in 2020. Flipping the calendar ... Read More

Nov 11, 2020

The potential benefits of claiming the R&D Tax Credit are significant, with many manufacturers saving hundreds of thousands of ... Read More

Nov 3, 2020

If the chaos of 2020 showed us one thing, it’s that businesses need to be ready because things can change quickly. And while CFOs throughout ... Read More

Oct 29, 2020

A trusted CPA is a valuable resource for any business. From tax preparation and auditing to consulting and financial planning, the right CPA lends ... Read More