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Sales and Use Tax Services

The distinction between sales and use tax, as well as its application, may not be immediately intuitive to most people. How and when sales and use tax are applied may be difficult to decipher, which is why we aid companies in the following areas.



Single Issue Refund Claim Representation

We provide representation to aid your company in qualifying for state and local sales and use tax refunds. Based on our state-by-state research concerning the taxability of certain products and services, we can determine the non-taxable treatment of products in specific states. Should your company qualify, we supply the technical, contractual, and quantitative documentation necessary to pursue your refunds.

The refund may be attained from either a vendor or through state and local tax authorities. In either case, we will take care of everything from collecting documentation to drafting technical support, preparing the refund claim, and providing representation.


Reverse Audit for Refunds

We perform reverse audits for refunds which is an opportunity many companies fail to capitalize on. This concerns recovered taxes for previously neglected tax exclusions and exemptions from the tax base. Companies may be able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars through this avenue.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

Our Sales/Use Tax Nexus & Voluntary Disclosure service focuses on assisting you in becoming compliant and mitigating any past and prospective sales/use tax liabilities.

Sales tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires the seller to register then collect and remit sales tax in the state. Certain business activities, including having a physical presence or reaching a certain sales threshold, may establish nexus with the state.

There’s a multitude of activities that would trigger a nexus - from the economic activity, your company’s physical presence, remote employees, affiliate relationships, and more - and we evaluate each of your company’s activities on a per-state basis to determine proper compliance.

All data and information gathered by us will be presented to you through a nexus chart along with recommendations on managing compliance in certain jurisdictions. 

Should your company have any failures in compliance within a taxing jurisdiction where nexus has been established we will pursue voluntary disclosure agreements with the concerned states entirely on your behalf. This is to allow your company anonymity in the process. The most advantageous settlement possible will be negotiated.

This service includes the provision of detailed schedules and findings reports to support the voluntary disclosure agreement. Moving forward, we will also help set in place procedures to prevent non-compliance. 

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California Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense

Audit representation and management will be provided for your company with the goal of reducing proposed sales and use tax audit assessments. Each step of the process will be covered, including: 

  • Meeting and consulting with the auditor to formulate an equitable audit plan. 
  • Searching for and identifying overpayments to use and incorporate into the audit work papers. 
  • Overseeing the retrieval of invoices and organization of items in accordance with available exemptions. 
  • Evaluating and deciding if certain proposed penalties and interest assessments can be waived. 
  • Assessment of all relevant audit work papers, including the audit methodology and sampling procedures.  
  • Meticulously documenting all findings and making them transparent to your company as well as the auditor. 
  • Resolving open issues through the appropriate channels once given permission. 

Recommendations regarding the removal of possible tax errors in the future will also be given. 

Sales Tax Compliance

This service allows your company to completely outsource your monthly sales and use tax return preparation and filing. It includes the initiation and execution of a monthly workflow process centered on data accumulation, return preparation, filing, and payment. Management reports and scanned images of records will be duly prepared, maintained, and made available to you online. 

Additionally, tax notices and tax jurisdiction dialogue will be managed on your behalf. All applicable returns are guaranteed to be filed on time and in line with the appropriate taxing jurisdictions.


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Companies are assisted with tackling sales tax consequences from significant events affecting sales and use tax liabilities. This comes in the form of: 

  • Analysis of service versus TPP for true Object Test 
  • Datacenter addition 
  • Due diligence acquisitions 
  • Large capital asset acquisition 
  • Geographic expansion