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R&D Tax Credits are among the most misunderstood areas of the tax law for manufacturers, and many companies miss out on huge tax savings as a result…even though they work with a professional tax firm.

Now, more than ever, businesses need cash from all available sources to ensure success in 2020.

The best news is, businesses have up to three years to claim the R&D Tax Credit, amend prior returns and claim a refund for prior years taxes paid!

Even if you’re already claiming the R&D Tax Credit, it may be time for a second opinion.  The Black Line Group specializes in R&D Tax Credits for the manufacturing industry and knows how to dig deeper to discover every possible qualifying activity, including:

Sales Time

(determining requirements, quoting, etc.)

Design Meetings

(collaboration among staff, etc.)

Flat Blank Layouts

(design modifications, etc.)

Tool Making

(design, build, tryout, etc.)

Engineering Process

(new equipment, shop redesign, etc.)

Proof of Concept

(process documentation, etc.)

Trial Production Run

(first run of a product, etc.)

Quality Approval

(PPAP, ISIR, etc.)


(package design, etc.)

If you’re already claiming the R&D Credit, how do you know whether you’re receiving every dollar you’re entitled to? If you’re not yet claiming the R&D Credit, now is the time!

Our efforts result in millions of dollars in tax savings for our manufacturing clients every year. Request a free consultation today to quickly learn what you could be receiving!

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