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What Activities Qualify?

  • Developing recipe formulations for new products
  • Developing new flavor profiles
  • Improving existing formulations to extend shelf life
  • Improving existing formulations to achieve specified nutritional requirements
  • Developing new production process specifications and techniques
  • Developing new process for mixing, batching sequences, and cooking temps
  • Evaluating / installing new machinery and equipment
  • Developing new packaging designs to provide enhanced or increased shelf life

Do you have what you need to qualify?


Black Line Group Understands the Process for Food Manufacturing & Catering

assess feasibility

Assessing Feasibility

We'll review your packaging, new recipes, food preservation tactics, and many more activities to determine if you qualify.
documenting the results

Documenting the Results

We will provide a robust electronic deliverable, often several hundred pages in length, supporting your credit.

conducting your study

Conducting Your Study

Under the direction of your project manager, we will collaborate with you and your CPA to plan, execute, and keep you informed.

standing behind our work

Standing Behind Our Work

We aren’t going to leave any money on the table, and, we aren’t going to claim a credit we can’t defend. We have your back should questions arise.

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