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Meet John: Dedication to Reducing Tax Liability with the R&D Tax Credit

Sep 12, 2019

Although the nuances of the R&D Tax Credit are notably complex, it takes even more industry-specific knowledge to apply them to manufacturing.

John Madsen, Black Line Group’s Vice President and Manufacturing Practice Leader, knows manufacturing. He’s worked in the industry for over 40 years, and he’s seen first-hand how the R&D Tax Credit can help manufacturers.

His goal? To help manufacturers like you be more competitive, grow faster, and increase your profitability.

John’s Industry Experience

John started in the machining industry with a machine shop called Dramm in the late 1970’s while he was going to school for Tool & Die. Over the next several decades, John worked in the Turning & Machining, Tool & Die, Stamping, and Sheet Metal industries, to name a few.

Finally, he wound up running an $11 million Stamping & Fabrication company. 

It was while working for the Stamping & Fabrication company that he discovered the R&D Tax Credit and its benefits. Once he made the shift from the manufacturing industry to the Manufacturing Practice Leader of Black Line Group, he drew from that experience to help others benefit from the same credit.

“John understood the language of manufacturing. That was probably the biggest key that helped me feel comfortable with the process.”

- Kevin, Owner of MN-Based Custom Manufacturing Company

Who He Helps

If you make or improve a product or a process, either for you or your customer, you have activities that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. That means many manufacturers have the potential to sizeably reduce their tax liability with the R&D Tax Credit!

John works with manufacturers to find qualifying activities within their processes. And he’ll talk with any interested business; whether they’re already taking advantage of the credit and they want to make sure they’re getting the most out of their return, or it’s the first time they’re hearing of it.

“If you make or improve a product or a process, either for yourself or your customer, you have activities that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. This credit can substantially reduce your Federal and State tax liability."

-Benjamin Rashleger,  former President of WSI Industries, a Polaris Company

How He Helps

If you’re interested in discovering the benefits of the R&D Tax Credit, regardless of whether you’re already taking advantage of it, reach out to John for a no-obligations phone conversation. 

From there, he’ll walk you through the process of identifying qualifying activities within your business and determine whether you are leaving more money on the table. 

Learn more about our R&D Tax Credit Study process by downloading our free timeline. The timeline details each step in our study process and how much time you can expect to spend working with us to identify credits. You may find it takes less time than you think!

"It's a minimal investment of time, the effort of the staff, and the cost of doing it. But the returns are enormous."

- Dan Digre, President of MISCO Speaker Company

John and his team at Black Line Group are here to help you make your business grow faster, be more competitive, and increase profitability. “Honestly, I don’t want to waste your time,” says John. “Give us a call, we’re happy to answer any questions – No strings attached!”

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