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Why Your Manufacturing CPA Should Have an R&D Tax Credit Partner

Nov 12, 2019

why your CPA needs an R&D Tax Credit PartnerAs a manufacturer in a fast-paced industry, you need to seize every opportunity to be more competitive, grow faster, and increase profitability. After all, your competition is!

That means investing in next-level software, upgrading your machinery, hiring more workers, etc. However, all of those initiatives require capital — capital that isn’t easy to come by in an environment of demand-driven manufacturing.

The R&D Tax Credit offers an excellent solution. It provides tax credits for activities that you’re already doing every day! And while your CPA probably knows about the R&D Tax Credit, they likely don’t know enough about your business activities or the credit to find every qualifying expense. That’s why you need an R&D Tax Credit Partners that specializes in manufacturing.

An Extension of Your CPA

Let’s be clear: R&D Tax Credit Professionals are in no way a substitute for a CPA. Think of your CPA like your general physician. Even though they have a broad range of knowledge, they still need to refer you to a specialist for certain issues.

R&D Tax Credit professionals will work with you and your CPA to determine the value of your tax credits.

WATCH: Black Line Group worked with the CPA for one MN-based custom manufacturer to get enough tax credits for a new Turret & Press Brake.

Don’t Let Your CPA Fly Solo

Manufacturers often tell us, “My CPA is already handling my tax credits, so why should I work with you?” It’s true that your CPA could probably manage the basics of applying for the R&D Tax Credit, but they won’t be able to do it as effectively as a professional that specializes in the manufacturing industry.

We’ve seen it time and again: New clients come to us having had their CPA manage their R&D Tax Credit and, after we looked at their business, we found tens of thousands of dollars they were leaving on the table. It’s nothing against CPAs, but R&D Tax Credits is all we do!!! Finding qualifying expenses is our job.

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Additionally, we encourage you to check out our blog page, where we regularly publish content on the R&D Tax Credit and qualifying activities for manufacturers and commercial software vendors.

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