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What to Watch for at FABTECH 2019

Aug 15, 2019

FabTech 2019The latest in equipment and technology in metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing will be on display for four days in November when McCormick Place in Chicago hosts FABTECH 2019. With educational sessions, more than 1,700 vendor booths to visit, and expert-led presentations, the event will cover all the latest innovations, trends, and technology in metal manufacturing. The 48,000+ expected attendees could spend every minute of those four days immersed in it all, dreaming of ways to bring new technology and processes to their own warehouse or manufacturing floor. 

But it’s the 30 minutes spent listening to Black Line Group’s Manufacturing Practice Leader John Madsen that could prove to be what brings those dreams to life. 

What: Building a Competitive Advantage through R&D Tax Credits
Who: John Madsen, Black Line Group VP and Manufacturing Practice Leader
Where: FABTECH 2019 – McCormick Place, Chicago
When: Tuesday, Nov. 12 - 8:00 am

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Leveraging the R&D Tax Credit for a Competitive Advantage

Speaking for the third time at FABTECH, John Madsen’s “Building a Competitive Advantage through R&D Tax Credits” seminar is part of the management education track, and will commence at 8:00 am on Tuesday, November 12. In it, Madsen draws upon his 40 years of contract manufacturing knowledge to educate about the Federal, and often state, R&D Tax Credits that businesses have the potential to use to offset tax liabilities. This revenue can be reinvested in businesses to improve processes, purchase equipment, or increase cash flow—ultimately allowing the business to be more competitive, profitable, and growth-oriented.

Uncovering Hidden Credits

As Madsen notes, “I am amazed how many manufacturers do not realize or understand the IRS’s definition of R&D Tax Credits. If you make or improve a product or a process, either for you or your customer, you have activities that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.”

Many businesses have benefited from Madsen’s R&D Tax Credit presentations, and he’s often sought out for his expertise on the subject – including a recent appearance on the Make it Right Manufacturing Podcast, where he discussed specific ways he helped manufacturers identify hidden credits.

Madsen’s seminar at FABTECH will feature a discussion of the nine qualifying expenses in manufacturing and the credit's Four-Part Test. He’ll walk through real-life manufacturing examples, giving attendees relatable and actionable ideas that will help them understand how the R&D Tax Credit can lead to gaining a competitive edge, faster growth, and increased profitability.  

Watch our 4-minute video on how we saved one client enough to buy a huge piece  of game-changing machinery with the R&D Tax Credit