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Black Line Group Pricing Guidelines

While every engagement varies in cost based on size, complexity and a number of other factors, here are some general pricing guidelines:

  • Pricing is based on the number of hours required to complete the study, which roughly translates to between 15-35% of the net R&D tax credit.
  • Per IRS guidelines, our pricing is NOT based on the amount of the credit received.
  • Pricing is consistent with what most CPA firms charge per hour.
  • Payment terms: Half when the project starts and the balance upon completion (includes pre-approved travel & living costs, if any).

For smaller clients, the fee usually translates to about 30% of the credit. For much larger clients who would be receiving credits of $1,000,000+ per year, the fee would be in the lower end of the range.


Timeline Screenshot

Download our R&D Tax Credit Timeline

If you're running a business, you already have enough on your plate. So, how much time will an R&D Tax Credit study take from your daily schedule?

"It's a minimal investment of time, the effort of the staff, and the cost of doing it. But the returns are enormous," says Dan Digre, President of MISCO Speaker Company.

Download our timeline to know what to expect from an R&D Tax Credit Study:



Download our R&D Tax Credit Guides

Manufacturers Pillar

In this guide, we explore the 9 Qualifying Expenses in Manufacturing for the R&D Tax Credit. These expenses include:

  • Sales Time
  • Design Meetings
  • Flat Blank Layouts
  • Tool Making
  • Engineering Process
  • Proof of Concept
  • Trial Production Run
  • Quality Approval
  • Shipping

Read the full guide.

guide for software developers

In this guide, we walk through the Software Development Lifecycle and explain how each stage in the cycle has qualifying activities. Here are the seven phases:

  • Planning
  • Requirements & Analysis
  • Systems Design
  • Development & Coding
  • Testing & Integration
  • Implementation
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Enhancements

Read the full guide.

four part test

Regardless of your industry, the Four Part Test is going to be how you determine if your activities qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. This guide walks through all four elements of the Four Part Test:

  1. Permitted Purpose
  2. Technical Uncertainty
  3. Process of Experimentation
  4. Technological in Nature

Read the Four Part Test guide for manufacturers.

Read the Four Part Test guide for software developers.

internal use software

Regardless of your industry, time spent on activities related to Internal Use Software (IUS) could qualify your business for the R&D Tax Credit. In this guide, we break down what IUS is and how it can qualify your business.

Read the guide.

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